About Erika

Erika Zinser is an visual development artist and a storyboarder,

who creates fantastical stories, places and scenes. 


"In my work, reality is that which exists independent of human awareness. Granted, reality can be defined as a resemblance to what is real. But, what makes things real? If I narrow everything that to me is “real” to only things that can be acknowledged by the senses, then I would live in a world of physical dimensions. I believe sensations manufacture my perception of reality, and, in my view there is no dichotomy between one’s emotions and one’s expression of reality. The combination of both becomes an expression of our true selves.  


My work is a doorway to a place where you do not have to question your imagination. Come here, when the night draws to a close, and fulfill your dreams and desires. You will fly, claim the stars, and dive into thought. To the whole world, your eyes will be numb."


Some of our clients:

Disney Toon Studios/Hurwitz Creative





Saks Fifth Avenue


Peliculas Imaginarias 

Penguin Random House



Hurwitz Creative

Blue Seal

Grass Roads Entertainment 


Mexico Olympic Committee 



-Erika Zinser


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